Current Projects

Title: The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Final Phase Works
Value: £2.5 Million
Client: Kingerlee
Description: The new academic building will be part of Oxford University and the next section of work covers the exhibition galley, main entrance including the precious Kiswa cloth display, the catering staff outbuildings, fellows’ garden, the trustees, exhibition gallery, trustee's apartment, staff out buildings, fellows garden and the north west and south student accommodation. This comprises of 50 bedrooms, offices, laundries and common rooms on each level.

Title: New College Morris Building
Value: £400k
Client: Austin Newport
Description: Refurbishment of student accommodation including seminar rooms. The building formerly housed the garages from where Lord Nuffield (William Morris) operated.

Title: Manor Preparatory School, Abingdon, new sports hall
Value: £115K
Client: Benfield & Loxley
Description: A new state of the art sports hall to be completed in 2018

Title: D'overbroecks, 333 Banbury Road
Value: £980k
Client: Kingerlee
Description: Development of the old masonic lodge site in north Oxford for d’Overbroeck’s college.
New buildings will include communal and social spaces, educational, performance and art facilities, five state-of-the-art science laboratories and the new hall will provide dining facilities and a 180 capacity auditorium for music and drama. The original villa, known as Summerhill, is being refurbished and has been described as a fine Italianate villa distinct to the 19th century phase in the history of Classical architecture.

Title: St Mary's School, Ascot
Value: £700k
Client: Kingerlee
Description: St. Mary’s is a private girls boarding school to the south of Ascot. Kingerlee are building new upper sixth form accommodation in three 2 storey buildings which will include a new pastoral centre for the upper sixth as well as staff accommodation of one 4 bedroom and two 2 bedroom houses. The school uses state of the biometric scanners rather than a traditional register called at the start of each day.

Title: Hereford Cathedral
Value: £600k
Client: Hereford Cathedral
Description: R T Harris & Son Ltd is proud to be carrying out the upgrade of the existing lighting which was designed by Light Perceptions ltd. The new lighting system will illuminate parts of the cathedral, rather than floodlighting the whole building using "environmentally-friendly" lighting as the last part of a major upgrade.
Hereford Cathedral, founded in the 8th century was plundered and burnt in 1056 and in 1079 it undertook its reconstruction. The cathedral is a Grade I listed building.
Light Perceptions Ltd

Title: St Anne’s College Oxford New Library and Academic Centre
Value: £440k
Client: Kingerlee Ltd
Description: The project comprises of the construction of a new library and academic centre at St Anne’s College which has one of the best-stocked and most well-used college libraries in Oxford. The New Library and Academic Centre will give the original 1937 Library room expansion and modernisation and it will double the number of reader spaces for students. The Academic Centre is square in plan and a cube, arranged on four floors on a nine square grid with a lower ground floor day-lit from the sunken garden.

Title: Ruskin School of Arts. Bullingdon Road, Oxford
Value: £400k
Client: Kingerlee Ltd
Description: Construction of a new design & build workshop and project space for Ruskin School of Art.
The existing building which contains digital and printmaking facilities will be rebuilt to almost twice its current size. There are two main components to the scheme: a new project space at the street edge and a studio and teaching building to the rear. The project space will be a public-facing building with a double-height area for exhibitions and events. The aspiration is to project images onto film applied to the glass frontage so they will be visible to passers-by.

Title: Brasenose College: Phase 2, Basement Archive Refurbishment
Value: £125k
Client: Benfield & Loxley/Brasenose College
Description: Refurbishment of existing outdated basement archive within the cloisters and old parlour buildings, along with preparation works for a third phase of works refurbishing the cloisters and libraries. This included reconfiguring the existing security, data & telecommunications systems and installation of two new incoming sub-main supplies. Within the cloisters close liaison was required due to the archaeological excavations of the vertical graves, some dating back to 1669.

Title: Large country estate
Value: Confidential
Client: Kingerlee
Description: Located on a private estate in Bedfordshire, the new state of the art leisure building includes a tennis court, pool, spa area, sauna and steam room. There will also be a car workshop, exhibition space and helicopter hangar.

Title: Westminster Cathedral
Value: £30k
Client: Westminster Cathedral
Description: We have just started our second job at Westminster Cathedral installing a new lighting board and carrying out a survey of the existing electrical installation with a view to further works upgrading the Cathedral’s electrical infrastructure.